Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

How often do I use SoaPen in a day?

SoaPen can be used in place of bar soap and liquid soap. It is gentle on the skin! You must wash your hands at critical times during the day. Know more about when to wash your hands here!

Why should I wash my hands?

To stay healthy and fight infectious diseases!

Is sharing a SoaPen unhealthy?

Not at all! Soapen has disinfectants that protect it from catching germs and also prevents the transfer of germs upon sharing.

Why SoaPen over hand sanitizer?

Though sanitizers kill most germs on your hand, they are not as effective in getting rid of dirt as handwashing is. Constant use of sanitizers from an early age also reduces a child’s natural immunity to fight germs.

Does SoaPen stain clothes?

No, absolutely not! If the colour of the bar is transferred onto your clothes, you can simply wash with water and the colour will dissolve.

Does SoaPen last longer than other soaps?

Since SoaPen allows you to draw with soap on your dry hands, there is no wastage of soap by overuse or by getting sodden over time.

Safety Questions

What happens if SoaPen is ingested?

SoaPen is non-toxic and harmless when ingested. May cause some nausea and discomfort.

Are the coloring agents harmless?

Yes! Our coloring agents are harmless and mindful of a child’s sensitive skin upon repeated use. They have been certified by all US and EU safety procedures.

Is sharing a SoaPen unhealthy?

Not at all! Most bacteria and germs on bar soap accumulate when the soap does not dry completely between uses and is left in a puddle of water. Since SoaPen’s application is performed on dry hands, there is no moist environment for the germs to gather on it.
Any germs on your hands will also wash off if you clean your hands for the required 20 to 40 seconds!

What is the shelf life of SoaPen?

We recommend using SoaPen within six years of purchase. For easy reference, our soap is labelled “Best by” under the ingredients section on each bar.

Will I get an allergic reaction?

Our soap has been made to suit even a child’s sensitive skin. There are no artificial fragrances or ingredients in the soap.

Other Questions

How can I be involved?

Be a part of the SoaPen movement! Wash your hands at critical times; fight diseases.
If you’re an NGO already working towards a healthier world, get in touch. SoaPen is also actively looking for volunteers. See how you can be a part of the team here.

How does sponsor a SoaPen work?

Depending on the schools we are currently working with you can choose the school you’d like to donate SoaPens to. The donation works on a monthly basis and you can choose to pay for as many months as you’d like.

Are you a charity?

We are a Public Benefit Corporation, with the public benefit objective of “promoting better hygiene practices among children” as a charter purpose in addition to the traditional corporation goals.